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Liquidation -A Stilfontein Story

This short film, co-directed by Heinrich Böhmke, looks at the gold mining town of Stilfontein. This South African town was devastated in March 2005 when 6,500 miners were told by the security guards at the gates of the mine that it was no longer in operation. After the liquidation the miners united across colour lines to set up a feeding scheme to keep residents alive.

Running time: 27 minutes
Date: July 2005, Stilfontein


Abasebenzi eWyatt Rd / Workers at Wyatt Rd

A Short film showing yet another road in Durban, South Africa where jobseekers wait, hoping to secure a days labour. With Unemployment at 40% the odds are against them. This film stemmed from academic research by UKZN student Ntokozo Mthembu. Screened as part of the Durban International Film Festival, and now forms part of a permanent exhibition at the Kwa Muhle Museum in Durban.

Running time: 15 minutes
Date: June 2005, Durban


Durban International Film Festival

Kwa Muhle Museum

Kerry Film Festival


Carbon Credits and Durban's Dump

This video explains what Carbon Credits are, and how they affect the people living near the Bisasar road landfill site in Durban, South Africa. The local residents seem divided on whether they should allow a World Bank endorsed carbon trading scheme in their area. Commissioned by the Centre for Civil Society in Durban.

Running time: 22 minutes
Date: July 2005, Durban


Centre for Civil Society



Kennedy Rd and The Councillor

This visual document centers on the recent housing protests by people from the Kennedy Road informal settlement and what their demands are. It also looks at the relationship between the community and their ANC ward councilor Yacoob Baig. Screened as part of the Durban International Film Festival.

Running time: 13 minutes
Date: April / May 2005, Durban


Durban International Film Festival