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Tuned In

In a dusty, dilapidated school on the outskirts of the Nigerian capital city, Abuja, a group of actors and radio technicians come together in searing 40’C heat to record the 17th series of ‘Story Story’. This much loved radio soap opera is set in a bustling motor park somewhere in West Africa, and it uses drama to trigger discussions on a variety of topical issues.'Tuned In' takes us behind the scenes to meet the cast and crew as they reunite in Abuja and record the entire series in an intense and gruelling 2-week schedule. This film was made possible by the Simon Cumbers Media fund (Irish Aid).

Running time: 14 minutes
Date: July 2010, Nigeria

Award: 2010 Radharc Award, Documentaryfor Digital Media


Story Story

Wildfire Films



Making Deep End Dance

How was the subaquatic dance film "Deep End Dance" made?

This short documentary includes interviews with the choreographer David Bolger, his mother Madge Bolger, the director Conor Horgan, the producer Martha O'Neill and the director of photography Richard Kendrick.

Running time: 8 minutes
Date: May 2010, Dublin


RTÉ Dance on the Box

Wildfire Films


Car Park Cultivation

Turning tarmac into dinner!

The plot on the busy South Circular Road in Dublin city was an abandoned car parking lot. It was covered in old, scrubby tarmac and -like countless other sites in Ireland in 2007- it was in the queue for planning permission to develop it into a 3-story apartment block. Artist and local resident, Seoidín O’Sullivan, approached the landowner and he gave permission for a group of residents to use the site as a temporary community garden.

This short, site-specific documentary is a film about the people who have transformed this abandoned car park in the city into a thriving oasis of biodiversity. They acknowledge some of the challenges that come from working communally, and they gently disclose some of the quiet joys they reap from getting their hands dirty each week with other folk from their neighbourhood.

Running time: 6.5 minutes
Date: September 2010, Dublin


SCR Community Garden